Steer clear of the bespoke development route!

Based on Invoke generic, taxonomy-driven XBRL components, e-Filing for Regulators provides state-of-the-art XBRL technology to supervisory authorities in the form of a pre-packaged web platform, for a robust and fast-deployment approach.

  • XBRL reporting

The out-of-the-box e-Filing for Regulators data-collection portal offers both internal users and external stakeholders access to the latest technology for creating, converting, editing, rendering and validating XBRL instance documents, in addition to a host of other features ranging from collaborative workflow, process steering, regulatory scheduling, user-right management, versioning and archiving. And all through the user-friendly interface of a web-based application.

Technical added value

  • The embedded XBRL web spreadsheet interface provides a user-friendly, business-oriented working environment.
  • Generic and scalable to incorporate multiple taxonomies.
  • 64-bit platform and next-generation in-memory technology for high-performance processing of large instances.
  • Native management of highly-dimensional taxonomies.
  • Embedded XBRL validation engine featuring multilingual formulae error messaging for enhanced usability by business-users.
  • Full support of the Table Linkbase specifications, offering the advantages of low maintenance burden and rapid turnaround in adapting to regulatory changes when exploiting taxonomies that leverage this advanced feature of the XBRL standard.

Latest features

Asynchronous processing of XBRL instances

In addition to its real-time validation capability, highlighting error-cells directly in the online XBRL spreadsheet, the embedded XBRL validation engine also supports batch processing of large volumes of XBRL instances.

The validation process generates a comprehensive XML-formatted validation log file that can be easily reused to build tailor-made dashboards or to automate customized notifications to the filers.

Automated workflow

All the steps of the data collection process can be automated using the portal’s embedded workflow feature, which supports customized alerts via automatic email notifications.

Main Features

  • Centralization of XBRL reports
    • Direct keyboarding or Excel® import
    • Upload of XBRL files
  • Real-time validation
    • e-Filing for Regulators features the Invoke XBRL validation engine
    • In line with the XBRL specification 2.1
    • Batch validation
    • Triggering of on-demand anomaly reports
    • Highlight of the cells in error directly in the online XBRL spreadsheet
  • Monitoring of the disclosure process
    • Regulatory calendars
    • Statistics / progress bars
    • Quantitative and qualitative indicators
  • User friendly approach
    • Based on a web spreadsheet
    • Error handling directly linked to the tables
  • Archiving
    • Versionning and reports archiving
    • Complete audit trail of users actions