8 Oct 2008

Invoke, primary supplier of ”XBRL” software applications covering the needs of reporting, consolidation and overall management of tax information, announces that clerks at Infogreffe are using its IGRSA software to collect, process and validate the electronic filing of company annual financial statements via its new portal www.i-greffes.fr. With this solution, Infogreffe unifies and simplifies the flow of information input into its system and allows companies, starting in July 2008, to file their financial statements in XBRL format.

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  • XBRL reporting

In a context of increasing electronic information flows, Infogreffe wanted to exploit a sustainable exchange format by using existing international standards and by participating in the growth of these standards. As such, the XBRL format now seems to be the best suited to facilitate solution interoperability.

So naturally Infogreffe looked to Invoke to provide it with a high-performance and flexible technical solution that is rapid to implement and that incorporates the XBRL format as a standard feature.

Starting in July 2008, Invoke’s IGRSA application will be published on the Infogreffe portal as a supplement to the other pre-existing filing solutions. This application, free for users, has an automatic application maintenance feature. 

With IGRSA, the user enters the data online into an ”intelligent” digital form that is visually identical to their usual documents, which automates reports, calculations and N-1 reversals. IGRSA stores the data and automatically creates the XBRL file that the Infogreffe portal requires. 

IGRSA can also reformulate the data in the XBRL file, allowing the user to view the information that has been filed and to generate a PDF file in order to forward it to other potential recipients.

Integrated into the Infogreffe’s electronic filing portal, the data will continue its normal distribution to banks, public bodies, managing agents, private companies (individual companies or service companies) with the XBRL format which allows for better preparation of the future.

With Invoke, Infogreffe is pursuing its preference for innovation and joins the pioneers in XBRL exchange.