Swedbank is a modern bank firmly rooted in Swedish savings bank history. It is an inclusive bank with 8 million private customers and more than 600 000 corporate and organisational customers.

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Swedbank Försäkring AB chooses Invoke regulatory reporting platform for Solvency II
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  • Solvency 2
Swedbank Försäkring AB has deployed FAS Regulatory S2 in preparation for Solvency II Pillar 3 reporting in XBRL to the Swedish regulator. In collaboration with consultants from partner firms Cavendi and Tieto, Invoke solution specialists deployed the platform into production in under 3 months, leveraging all the upstream work that had been performed by Swedbank Försäkring AB with regard to data-sourcing, process-management and data governance. Using this scalable reporting platform backed by the renowned Invoke regulatory maintenance service, Swedbank Försäkring AB is confident of its ability to meet all of its Solvency II reporting obligations, now and far into the future.