The National Bank of Moldova (NBM) is the central bank of the Republic of Moldova and exercises its attributions as a legal, public, autonomous person responsible to the Parliament. The fundamental objective of the National Bank is the maintenance and the ensuring of prices stability. The National Bank is responsible for the authorization, the supervision and the regulation of financial institutions’ activity. These attributions are exercised taking into account the Core Principles of Basel Committee for an efficient banking supervision.

More information:
NBM uses Invoke's out-of-the-box XBRL portal for regulators
  • Supervisory bodies
  • XBRL reporting
  • Banking regulatory reporting
The NBM chose to put in place a pre-packaged solution for the implementation of both COREP and FINREP reporting, and the national regulatory banking reporting in Moldova. NBM implemented the out-of-the-box Invoke e-Filing for Regulators portal. The XBRL taxonomies for COREP and FINREP, which have been available for as early as 2012, are structurally very close to the EBA taxonomy released under the CRD IV directive.