The company’s clearly communicated ambition is to remain a premier provider of pioneering solutions that leverage the power of the XBRL standard with a view to standardizing and streamlining the business information supply chain, allowing real-time exchange and analysis of financial data.

Founded in 2001, Invoke is the brain-child of Rémi Lacour, a finance specialist and Stéphane Allez, an information management systems expert. The combination of their experience and expertise provided the initial impetus for the company’s strategic positioning as a provider of innovative software solutions for producing, processing and exchanging financial information.

From the outset, Invoke has been committed to remaining one step ahead of the competition, and the company owes its success in no small part to the fact that it keeps a tight watch on both domestic and international developments, be they technological or regulatory.

Invoke is largely recognized both within Europe and further afield for its well-established experience in the field of prudential reporting in the banking sector, having received industry endorsement from prestigious institutions such as Crédit Agricole, BPCE and Danske Bank in the Banking sector, CNP Assurances and Danica Pension in the Insurance sector, as well as from major regulatory bodies such as ACP-Banque de France or the Deutsche Bundesbank.

Pioneering native XBRL tools as a strategic choice

Over the past decade, Invoke has devoted significant resources to XBRL research projects, convinced of the business case and the value proposition of XBRL as a data standard.

While most software developers have chosen to incorporate XBRL into existing applications, Invoke made a strategic choice early on to develop software tools that are natively XBRL. The overriding principle that permeates all aspects of Invoke’s business is that end-users should not be held captive by proprietary formats. Invoke’s XBRL tools, while stateof- the-art, are inherently generic and faithfully respect the XBRL 2.1 specification, developed under the auspices of the XBRL International consortium

An enduring commitment to furthering the XBRL standard

On a more macro-level, Invoke is notable as one of the founding members of the XBRL France jurisdiction (established in 2006) and continues to hold a seat on the French Jurisdiction Board, while also being heavily involved in a number of key technical and functional working groups, both locally and at the international level (Business Registers Interoperability, Rendering and Formulae).

The company’s commitment to the development of the XBRL standard is further borne out by Invoke’s participation at the bi-annual XBRL International Conferences as a top-level sponsor since 2008, in addition to its dual-membership status both locally in XBRL France and as a direct member of the XBRL International consortium.