Apprehending IFRS 16 through Strategic Decision Making

Specially designed to ensure compliance with the new leasing regulation, FAS IFRS 16 comes with certified standard data model and configuration.


IFRS 16 WorkflowThe International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issued IFRS 16 in 2016, with an effective date of 1 January 2019, with the purpose of increasing transparency on lease transactions. This will have a major impact on lease recognition in both balance sheet and income statement.

Optimizing lease data collection
Invoke FAS IFRS 16 let you focus on data quality, and provides you with:

• A universal, ETL-like import feature, which lets you import data from virtually any software on the market (accounting, ERP etc.) or Excel® files.

• A flexible data input capacity, which lets you either input data directly through the Invoke FAS platform, or decentralize data input by providing subsidiaries with the option to use the online FAS Web application.

A simplified inventory of IFRS 16 eligible leases

Once the data has been collected, leases are stored in a lease library.
A smart engine automatically identifies leases within the scope of IFRS 16.

Data compliance through a certified standard configuration

FAS IFRS 16 standard configuration was audited and certified by one of the top audit and accounting Firms among the (‘Big 4’). This configuration covers:

  • The recognition model (full retrospective approach vs. modified retrospective approach)
  • Subleases
  • Lease options (termination/extension/purchase) ,
  • Indexes (variable leases, indexed leases, ...)
Once a lease has been imported, the solution automatically calculates:

  • Amortization schedules
  • Debt repayment schedule
  • Accounting adjustment entries
Accounting and business controls ensure data quality and full data traceability. The audit trail for data lineage is available with just one click!

FAS IFRS 16: Implementation made easy

Thanks to its user-friendly work environment, (embedded spreadsheet application and word processor) you will be immediately up and running in an environment with which you are already very familiar!

Main features
  • Universal, ETL-like import feature
  • Automatic analysis of leases to be restated
  • Automatic calculation of amortization schedules, debt repayment schedules, and adjustment entries
  • Collaborative workflow
  • Control and validation at each step of the process
  • Multi-format, generic exports of adjustment entries to consolidation software

The Invoke Added Value

  • Easy to use tools and simplified data collection and decentralization
  • An embedded, Excel®-compatible spreadsheet as a personalized report generator
  • An intuitive work environment to get started in no time!
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Certification by leading audit firm

Invoke announces the certification of its Invoke FAS IFRS 16 solution by a leading Big Four accounting firm.

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