In 2023, (based on 2022 data) a new regulatory requirement will be introduced: block tagging of the notes to your financial statements. Here is a short FAQ to answer your main questions on the subject.

ESG reporting is set to become mandatory in the UK and EU. With EFRAG due to release the standards, it's important to understand the requirements, and what future obligations might look like in order to prepare. Here, we give an overview to help you better understand future ESG issues in terms of reporting.

Insights from Siong Ho Wang Yin, Founding Partner of Paris-based audit and consulting agency, SIKIMA CONSEIL.

Good knowledge and understanding of XBRL can turn your mandatory ESEF submission into an opportunity to transform the way your data is presented, and avoid common errors. Here, our ESEF Product Manager, Pierre Pottier, shares why XBRL education is so important, and how issuers can achieve a higher level of knowledge. 

What lessons can be learned from the first year of ESEF reporting? We've identified the most important ones and put them in our new expert paper, along with what you need to know to make ESEF reporting easier in 2022, and common tagging errors to avoid to make your next ESEF submission as smooth and seamless as possible!

Find out how you can easily and effortlessly produce an ESEF-compliant financial report every year, leveraging the previous year's work, with this video from our ESEF Product Manager, Pierre Pottier.

Ahead of filing their annual financial report in ESEF, companies are navigating the new regulatory requirements. Tagging errors are common, but are easily avoided. Here are some of the most common tagging mistakes to be aware of.