18 Jan 2022
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Find out how you can easily and effortlessly produce an ESEF-compliant financial report every year, leveraging the previous year's work, with this video from our ESEF Product Manager, Pierre Pottier.

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With the first year of mandatory compliance with ESEF regulation over, and the first wave of reports submitted, issuers are now looking for ways to produce ESEF compliant financial reports without repeating all of the work they did the year before, and wondering how they can make a smooth and easy transition from one year to the next.

While the ESEF taxonomy will change from year to year, the reporting process itself will see few major changes. This means that, with the right solution, issuers can easily leverage the work they have done for last year’s financial report to produce one for the current year, and each year after, to save time, resources, and reduce human error.

Invoke’s ESEF reporting solution has been developed to let users capitalise on the reporting they have already done, allowing them to reuse past work to produce new financial reports that comply with ESEF. The software evolves with regulatory changes to ensure its futureproof and sustainable, with regulatory maintenance guaranteed.

In this video, Invoke’s ESEF Product Manager, Pierre Pottier, is joined by Invoke's Content Marketing Manager, Lucy Wright, as he explains how issuers can easily create a compliant financial report every year by leveraging last year's work, using Invoke ESEF, and how to:

•    Update the taxonomy
•    Adapt mapping to structural changes within their financial report
•    Anticipate the use of new IFRS concepts which aren’t yet included in the ESEF taxonomy
•    Block tag notes

Watch now and see how it’s done - click below to watch on YouTube.

ESEF demo video - click to play