15 Feb 2022
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What lessons can be learned from the first year of ESEF reporting? We've identified the most important ones and put them in our new expert paper, along with what you need to know to make ESEF reporting easier in 2022, and common tagging errors to avoid to make your next ESEF submission as smooth and seamless as possible!

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The first year of ESEF compliance is over and the first reports have been submitted, with many more soon to follow. Now is the perfect time to look back at the lessons learned from the first wave of submissions, to identify common mistakes and spot tips and tricks to make your next submission easier. In our new expert paper, the Invoke ESEF team has done just that. We've brought together the key lessons of last year to make ESEF reporting more efficient this year. Download your copy now to find out:

  • Lessons learned from year one of ESEF reporting
  • What you need to know in 2022
  • Common tagging errors to avoid
  • Regulatory updates
  • Real Invoke ESEF customer testimonials

Download your copy by clicking on the image below.

You can find out more about Invoke ESEF here, and don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.

Lessons learned download - click here