23 Jan 2023
| Par Clément Duhamel, Business Development and Customer Success Manager | Invoke

In the first of two appearances on the Central Banking on Air podcast, Clément Duhamel, Business Development and Customer Success Manager at Invoke, talks about how RegTech has transformed regulatory reporting and its role within the new IReF initiative.

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For regulatory authorities, RegTech is a fundamental part of their ability to collect and analyse regulatory data, and gather vital insights into the financial system.

As an ever-evolving technology which continues to adapt to the needs of the sector, it’s not an overstatement to say that RegTech has revolutionised financial system insights for regulatory authorities, at every stage of the reporting process.

In Invoke’s first appearance on the Central Banking podcast Central Banking on Air, our Business Development and Customer Success Manager, Clément Duhamel, talks to Central Banking’s Joasia Popowicz about the evolution of RegTech in parallel with regulatory reporting frameworks, specifically in the context of the ECB’s IReF and the EBA’s Integrated Reporting System.

He also discusses the work of the EBA with the XBRL community to help improve the data exchange format.

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