21 Jul 2021

TagPay, editor of a next-generation Core Banking System (CBS) and Invoke, a European leader in financial, tax and regulatory reporting solutions, announced the release of a turnkey solution for fintech companies and neobanks. 

2 May 2013

Invoke, a premier provider of cutting-edge XBRL technology and packaged reporting solutions, is pleased to have been a Silver Sponsor of the 26th XBRL International Conference in Dublin, Ireland from 16-18 April 2013 where the latest features of Invoke’s premier BI tool, XBRL Analyzer, were showcased

25 Mar 2013

Invoke, software editor specialized in regulatory reporting solutions for the banking and insurance sector, has been chosen by France’s largest life-assurer, CNP Assurances, to meet the prudential reporting obligations of Solvency II Pillar 3.

3 Oct 2012

Invoke, a premier provider of cutting-edge XBRL components and packaged reporting solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of XBRL Analyzer at the upcoming XBRL25 International Conference to be held at the Royal Park Hotel, Yokohama from 6-8 November 2012.

17 Sep 2012

Invoke team members successfully pass the XBRL Foundation Certificate, and join the growing ranks of XBRL-certified individuals from prestigious corporations around the world.

20 Apr 2010

Invoke and XediX announce launch of the very first, ground-breaking full-web application platform that allows the production, storage and analysis of XBRL financial data. Only platform capable of dealing with the entire XBRL data-processing chain in a generic way. A strong reminder of the innovation dynamic of the sector

20 Jun 2009

Invoke is launching the web version of its XBRL software range, Invoke XBRL Suite, at the 19th XBRL International Conference in Paris, June 23-25, 2009. The XBRL software suite is based on Invoke’s revolutionary core component : the XBRL web financial spreadsheet application.

8 Oct 2008

Invoke, primary supplier of ”XBRL” software applications covering the needs of reporting, consolidation and overall management of tax information, announces that clerks at Infogreffe are using its IGRSA software to collect, process and validate the electronic filing of company annual financial statements via its new portal www.i-greffes.fr. With this solution, Infogreffe unifies and simplifies the flow of information input into its system and allows companies, starting in July 2008, to file their financial statements in XBRL format.