21 Sep 2022

Leading financial and regulatory reporting solutions provider Invoke, and E2S Monitoring, a renowned provider of corporate services in Malta and Switzerland, mark one year of partnership, which has successfully brought together the best in regulatory consultancy and software know-how.

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Based in Malta and with a presence in Switzerland, E2S Monitoring provides corporate services for businesses, mainly in Malta and specialises in regulatory compliance, risk management, internal audit, AML/CFT, company secretarial services and authorisation procedures.

As a 'one stop shop' for corporate services, E2S takes care of their clients’ corporate needs at every level, taking a tailored approach to regulatory consultancy to meet the unique needs of each organisation.

Invoke is delighted to be celebrating one year of partnership with E2S Monitoring, which has allowed them to bring their expertise in regulatory reporting software to the Maltese market.

With a wealth of experience in compliance and regulatory consulting, E2S is a natural partner for Invoke. E2S clients can now access solutions from one of Europe’s market leaders in financial and regulatory reporting, through a local service provider, as part of an end-to-end service managed by E2S.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with E2S, and to have provided our solutions to clients in Malta over the last year. The partnership allows us to bring our specialist regulatory reporting software to customers in a new location, with the backing of one of the country’s leading corporate services providers. Our vision for the future is to expand the choice of SaaS software solutions Invoke offers to banking, insurance and listed companies in the region, empowering them to be agile in response to regulatory changes and enabling compliance", says Olivier Cornet, Director of Invoke Software Limited.

The partnership also strengthens the respective capabilities of both partners by creating a complementary offering of expert consultancy and technical knowledge, enabling Maltese organisations to fulfil their regulatory reporting requirements.  

Bringing specialist regulatory reporting software to a new region

Together, Invoke and E2S have provided IFD/IFR reporting for a number of MiFID Class 2 and Class 3 clients in Malta during the last 12 months, as a result of the partnership. This number continues to grow, thanks to recommendations from E2S to other organisations. 

“The partnership with Invoke has been very fruitful so far, and continues to go from strength to strength. E2S clients can now capitalise on the benefits of our regulatory consultancy services by pairing this with Invoke’s specialist reporting software for the report production process", says Christine Dalli, Director and Head of Compliance, E2S Monitoring.

"It means we can offer clients a complete service that covers every aspect of their regulatory reporting.”

About E2S Monitoring

Registered as a Corporate Service Provider in October 2016, E2S Monitoring specialises in the provision of corporate services to other licenced entities. E2S Monitoring continuously supports and takes care of all its clients’ company needs through its expertise, from incorporation to ensuring an ongoing efficient running. By leveraging our expertise in the asset management and investment services, we provide our clients with the necessary guidance and tools to pursue their business goals with confidence.

More information on E2S Monitoring

Based in Malta with a presence in Switzerland, E2S Monitoring aims to combine the most appropriate corporate services packages, tailored to each client’s specific requirements, in a cost-effective manner. E2S has adapted over the years to meet the needs of its clients within the international business community, whilst taking into consideration continuous changes in the regulatory framework. E2S’ customer-oriented methodology, paired with highly experienced people, ensures they can provide clients with the right technical advice and support, to ensure that organisational objectives and goals are met, to the client’s satisfaction.

More information on Invoke

About Invoke

Established in 2001, Invoke publishes software packages for the processing of financial, tax and regulatory information.
Invoke is a leading player in the field of tax management for large and mid-sized companies, and has also established itself as a leader in RegTech and SupTech in Europe due to its innovative solutions for regulatory reporting and financial supervision.

Their cutting-edge expertise, particularly in XBRL and inline XBRL technologies, makes Invoke a preferred partner for national and supranational supervisory authorities, as wells for banks, insurers and company groups required to comply with national and European regulatory requirements, including CRD V, Solvency II and ESEF. Invoke currently supports 1,800 customers in 34 countries.

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