6 Nov 2012

Invoke is pleased to participate as a sponsor in the 25th XBRL International Conference (XBRL25) in Japan on November 6-8, 2012. XBRL25 is the premier international conference covering the very latest trends and developments in deploying XBRL to improve the efficiency and reliability of business reporting.

  • XBRL Suite
  • XBRL Analyzer
  • XBRL reporting
  • XBRL Business Intelligence
  • XBRL International

The speed of business is accelerating. The volume of information is moutning. And the role of XBRL is more critical than ever.

Join us for live demos of Invoke’s XBRL BI!

Conference participants are also encouraged to drop by the company's stand in the Exhibit Hall for a demo of its latest innovation: an exciting BI tool developed specifically for iPad which allows multi-entity and multi-period analytics of FDIC source data in full-web.

Discover how to query Oracle 11g XBRL extension database, perform statistical analysis and build charts on-the-fly using an iPad!

Business Intelligence, Data Analytics 2.0 Tracks

A fundamental goal of business reporting is to deliver information that facilitates data analysis that can be customized to the requirements of the user and used to make informed decisions. This track will look at the techniques, tools and approaches supporting the processing, storage and analysis of structured information and how information consumers and others benefit.

BIDA4. Un-breaking the XBRL Data Management Chain

Anne Leslie-Bini - Head of International Developement
Julien Reber - XBRL Product Manager
Benoît Colombel - R&D Engineer

Up until now, it has been difficult to source an end-to-end solution capable of bringing together all the elements of the XBRL data management chain, from collection through validation, storage, rendering and re-use.

Now, not only are these core functions reunited seamlessly in a user-friendly interface, but Invoke has gone one step further in integrating a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) feature, driven by the Oracle 11G Database with XBRL Extension, to its XBRL Web Portal solution known as e-Filing.

Using modular XBRL technology bricks that are built around the Invoke core component, a revolutionary full-web dynamic XBRL spreadsheet, this demonstration shows how Invoke's cutting-edge solutions allow business-users to:

  • Generically manage regulatory filings in XBRL format based on different taxonomies
  • Automatically validate XBRL data stored in the Oracle 11G database using a variety of different control mechanisms on types, hypercubes, calculations, formulas etc., and subsequently exploit the validation reports within the e-Filing portal environment
  • Input, control and render data using the XBRL web spreadsheet within the e-Filing portal
  • Use the integrated BI feature to query, analyze and compare XBRL data stored in the Oracle 11G database
  • Generate dynamic reports on-the-fly to exploit XBRL data for improved decision-making and control purposes

By proposing a flexible and user-friendly solution that supports the full chain of XBRL data management actions, Invoke allows end-users to freely exploit and extract business-relevant information from mass volumes of XBRL data that, without analysis, would otherwise be effectively devoid of value.

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