20 Apr 2009

Invoke, a French software vendor specialized in the processing of financial and tax company information, announces the immediate availability of two new solutions of business reporting : FAS Analytics, for the production of balance scorecards and management reporting, and FAS Budget for budget planning and analysis.

  • FAS Analytics
  • FAS Budget
  • Reporting
  • Budget planning

About Invoke FAS Analytics

Invoke FAS Analytics is a turnkey software tool providing you with a global view of your key indicators to optimize management of your strategy. More than a simple data restitution tool, it enables you to model your own management rules and enrich your analysis by incorporating additional input.

  • Automate the production of your balanced scoreboards
  • Increase your analytical capabilities
  • Accelerate the distribution of key information

About Invoke FAS Budget

Develop your enterprise strategy by optimizing the tracking of performances.

The functional scope of Invoke FAS Budget covers all phases of the budget process: modeling, simulation, analysis, adjustments, updating. ... for an optimized budgeting process allowing focus on analysis.

  • Simplify and shorten your budgeting process
  • Ensure the reliability of your data and procedures
  • Optimize your analysis to better develop your strategy