1 Jun 2022

IFTM (Investment Firm Threshold Monitoring) for MiFID firms was implemented a few weeks ago; now, firms under its scope are starting to prepare their first reports.


  • Banking regulatory reporting

As part of the Investment Firms Directive (IFD) and the Investment Firms Regulation (IFR), the Investment Firm Threshold Monitoring (IFTM) came into effect in April 2022.

The directive has been created to regulate the classification of MiFID investment firms, based on the value of their Assets Under Management (AUM).

With a first reporting period of June 2022, firms in its scope will soon be submitting their first filing.

This filing includes:

  • 10.01 – Verification of total assets at individual and group level (CI TEST 1)
  • 10.02 – Total assets for group test broken down by entity (CI TEST 2)

There are variations between member states, but at least two classes of firms required to report:

  • Class 1 Minus Investment Firms
  • Class 2 Investment Firms > 5 billion EUR AUM

The classifications will determine which other filings and templates the reporting entity will have to submit.

Currently, IFTM applies to any European supervisory authority that is regulated by the EBA, but does not apply in the UK.

How Invoke can help

Invoke's solution offering can help firms in its scope meet the reporting requirements of IFTM. Contact us to find out more.