7 Apr 2022

EIOPA has released the roadmap for future taxonomies, starting with the publication of the first public working draft (PWD) for taxonomy 2.7.0.

  • e-Filing Insurance
  • Insurance regulatory reporting
  • Solvency II CMR Reporting
  • Insurance regulatory reporting
  • Solvency II

Following the release of the PWD for 2.7.0 in February this year, EIOPA has now published the first PWD for future taxonomy, 2.8.0.

Final version of taxonomy 2.8.0 is not due for release until the start of next year, meaning the PWD has been published over 12 months earlier than usual. This is a deliberate move from EIOPA, as the taxonomy is expected to include significant changes to reporting templates, thresholds and validations.

PWD releases

The PWD1 for version 2.7.0 includes updates on Solvency 2, pension funds and PEPP KID reporting requirements, detailed in annotated templates, reporting instructions and the Data Point Model dictionary.

The PWD1 for taxonomy 2.8.0 includes the Data Point Model dictionary, Solvency 2 annotated templates and release notes.

EIOPA has also published drafts for the new technical implementation standards (business logs) that will be included in taxonomy 2.8.0 and affect a number of templates.

Release dates

Three public working drafts are scheduled for taxonomy 2.8.0; PWD2 and PWD3 are to be released in June and July this year.

EIOPA taxonomy 2.7.0 final version will be released in July 2022, with an effective reporting date of February 2023, for Q4 2022.

Taxonomy 2.8.0 final version without validations will be released in July/August 2022. The final version of taxonomy 2.8.0 with validations and modelling will be published in January 2023, with an effective reporting date of February 2024.

More information and details from EIOPA here.