Exhibition | Monday, July 15, 2013 to Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Hear top industry experts on regulatory issues. Don't miss case studies on key implementation topics !
In addition to showcasing political and regulatory updates from representatives of EIOPA and AMICE, this 2-day event was packed full of informative insight from industry leaders and expert practitioners from organizations such as Aviva, Allianz, Standard Life and Ernst & Young.
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This year's Solvency II Summit covered a vast array of subjects from the ORSA through to technical provisions, as well as the challenges and advanced uses of internal models. However, based on attendee feedback, it is clear that the insurance industry as a whole is finally gearing up to address the substantial technology and organizational challenge that is Pillar 3...and that has to be considered progress.


Day 1: Regulation and Timetable Update: Implementation Strategy
The Challenge of Delays in SII Regulation

Day 2: Practical Implementation ChallengesCase Studies from Leading
Insurers and Guidance From Top Consultants

Invoke shares its vision and expertise on Pillar III reporting

Invoke's Antoine Bourdais (Director of the Banking & Insurance Division) made an incisive presentation on the key issues surrounding successful Pillar 3 implementations from an ROI and risk mitigation perspective.

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