Exhibition | Tuesday, April 16, 2013 to Thursday, April 18, 2013
Pushing the analytical frontiers of Europe's new prudential reporting paradigm
Invoke R&D and domain experts invite XBRL26 attendees to a precision demonstration that leverages the highly-dimensional FINREP 2012 data-point model, and multi-period/multi-entity regulatory reporting data in native XBRL format.
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Harness the power of XBRL to mine the hidden value of your data!

Pushing the analytical frontiers of Europe's new prudential reporting paradigm

The final implementation timeline for CRD IV is still floating but it is not an unreasonable working assumption that National Supervisory Authorities (NSAs) and regulated banks around Europe will need to be equipped to deal with the new COREP and FINREP reporting regimes from as early as January 2014. For the first time, regulated firms operating in the European banking sector will be subject to a common rule-book, and XBRL is positioned right at the very heart of this new prudential reporting paradigm.

Relevant to both regulated firms and NSAs, this Invoke presentation is a concentrated dose of cutting-edge Business Intelligence (BI) and regulatory analytics, showcasing both the Invoke XBRL Analyzer component (launched at XBRL25 in Yokohama) and the Gold Partner collaboration with Oracle on the database 11G XBRL Extension. Aligning analytical innovation with pragmatic business functionality, Invoke highlights the myriad advantages of dealing with XBRL natively and generically for BI and analytical purposes, using web-based interfaces accessible on any client platform. Invoke industry-acclaimed native XBRL solutions are robust, flexible and user-oriented, and as this demonstration shows, capable of satisfying the BI requirements of even the most exacting supervisory authorities and regulated firms.

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Main stage :

MAIN14. Partnering for XBRL success, Get ahead with Invoke, Anne Leslie-Bini, Invoke

Business Intelligence Track

BUSI7. Pushing Analytical Frontiers of Europe's New Prudential Reporting Paradigm, Benoit Colombel, INVOKE