Exhibition | Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Don't miss the Invoke workshop on March 26 at 2.10pm
Building on the success of the 2012 event, DÉCID’assur IT 2013, the premier forum for insurance professionals concerned with IT strategy issues, will be held on 26 March 2013 at the Etoile Saint Honoré conference center in central Paris.
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  • Solvency 2


Against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving regulatory environment, changing client relationships as well as competitivity and productivity challenges, the insurance sector is undergoing a series of profound changes which demand heightened anticipation and reactivity on the part of stakeholders.

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Invoke Workshop

Don't miss the workshop hosted by Invoke on March 26 at 2.10pm.

Solvency 2 / Pillar 3
Incorporating the interim guidelines into the natural advancement of your overall project plan

  • Overview of the main features of the regulatory calendar
  • Identifying reporting solutions that can cope efficiently with the requirements of Pillar 3
  • Successfully managing the transition from Solvency I to Solvency II against the backdrop of an IT system in a state of flux
  • Case-study: generating QRTs in XBRL from pre-populated Excel® files