The solution to rapidly and sustainably comply with the FATCA and CRS/AEoI tax reporting requirements.

Simplify, secure and streamline your tax reporting process with Invoke FACTA - CRS/AEoI.

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  • CRS
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A standard package for quick implementation

To enable customers to respond quickly and regularly to these requirements, Invoke has extended its internationally acclaimed “Invoke Regulatory*” product line to CRS/AEoI tax reporting.

Based on the Invoke Regulatory software platform, already tried and trusted in nearly 30 countries to meet European and domestic regulatory requirements in the banking and insurance sectors, and already in production for FATCA reporting, Invoke’s CRS/AEoI solution manages production of FATCA and CRS/AEoI reports from within a single solution.


The four pillars of the solution

Minimal impact in the event of regulatory changes 
Minimal impact in the event
of regulatory changes

An easy-to-use business-oriented solution
An easy-to-use  
business-oriented solution

Full maintenance of the complete standard configuration (Premium kit), coupled with an optimized application architecture, guarantees Invoke unrivaled lead times each time the regulations change.View reports and validation results, browse across dashboards and edit data through the Invoke award-winning, collaborative built-in spreadsheet application! A dedicated smart engine makes your compliance process much easier…


A standard package for quick

A highly scalable strategic solution
A highly scalable 
strategic solution

The standard multi-jurisdiction “Premium" configuration allows for very fast implementation. Invoke maintains and guarantees  all standard features with every regulatory change.Tailor the solution to your specific needs! Extend the standard data model and package, create your own data quality scenarios, and more...

Main Features

  • Multi-jurisdiction data models
  • Standard input formats
  • Customizable workflow
  • Four eyes principle
  • Automated production of XML reports
  • Automated correction process management
  • Exhaustive data controls
  • Fine-tuned user rights management
  • Standard dashboards

The Invoke Added-Value

An embedded business spreadsheet application

Preferred over any other tool by business end-users, a spreadsheet application provides them with a familiar working environment. The Invoke built-in spreadsheet component allows them to view data and validation results, and to browse accross dashboards. Data can also be adjusted in the spreadsheet interface by manually entering data or importing Excel® files.

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