Transform the compliance burden into a genuine lever for progress!

Take the strategic approach to Solvency II! Adopt an integrated solution for automating the production of Pillar 3 reporting and the steering of the disclosure to NCAs.

  • Insurance regulatory reporting
  • Insurance
  • Solvency 2

A unified system for Pillar 3 industrialization

This integrated solution allows to manage within a single system: 

  • the automated production of Solvency II reporting,
  • the centralization and collaborative steering of the disclosure process to NSAs,
  • the capacity to enrich the regulatory data model for internal reporting purposes

Optimise the reliability of your data and procedures

  • Management by planning: coordination of the work of the different parties for each production period.
  • Risk management: consistency check applications beyond regulatory validations (inter or intra controls of statements, multiple-closings...).
  • Organisation of information:management of several levels of guidelines (corporate and group charts of accounts...).
  • Standardisation and formalisation of your internal reporting procedures.
  • Consultation by profile: availability of reports adapted to each level of user privilege.

Capitalize on the internal investment in centralizing the data!

More than a simple regulatory reporting tool, FAS Regulatory S2 lets you design your own personalised reports and enrich your analysis by introducing additional input: KPIs variation analysis, monitoring closing of accounts, ...

Leverage the new regulatory environment to generate genuine ROI: go beyond the mere production of mandatory QRTs and narrative reports in generating personalized internal reports.

Main Features

Industrializing Pillar 3 & Personalized Internal Reporting

logo FAS Regulatory S2

  • Rapid and efficient data collection from your corporate information systems
  • All source data formats supported
  • Automated production of national and EIOPA QRTs
  • Automated production of narrative reports
  • Comprehensive data quality and consistency checks
  • Full data lineage and uninterruped audit trail
  • Integrated financial spreadsheet, personalized report generator
  • Integrated word-processing application
  • Integrated consolidation engine: calculation of group reporting in addition to solo reporting
  • Export all your disclosure production in Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, XML, XBRL formats

A collaborative web portal for steering the reporting process

logo e-Regulatory S2

  • Multi-sites management by planning
  • Workflow
  • Centralisation of XBRL flows
  • Vizualization of regulatory reports as spreadsheet tables
  • Validation of disclosures
  • Electronic signature module
  • Archiving and versioning of disclosures, taxonomies and rendering templates

The Invoke Added-Value

The core component of FAS Regulatory S2 is the Invoke XBRL financial spreadsheet

Tableur XBRL InvokeEnrich the regulatory data model dedicated to Solvency II reporting and capitalize on the collated data to enhance internal reporting. 

Much more powerful than a traditional spreadsheet application, this specialised reporting tool provides you with a broad choice of business-specific functionalities.

Its interoperability with Excel® allows you to retrieve your existing report layouts in just a few clicks. This ensures that you can be immediately up and running in an environment with which you are already very familiar.

Client References

CNP Assurances, Danica Pension, ...