Are you looking for a light, turn-key solution for producing your Pillar 3 reports in XBRL?

The ideal alternative to EIOPA's T4U, Invoke e-Filing Insurance is an out-of-the-box collaborative web portal: a simple, no-nonsense solution for generating Solvency II regulatory reports online

  • Insurance regulatory reporting
  • Insurance
  • Solvency 2

"The" tactical solution to meet the new Solvency 2 reporting requirements

e-Filing Insurance is the missing link in the Pillar 3 reporting chain.

It s a specialized full-web portal that allows end-users to both directly input and import Excel® files for the purposes of generating all of the regulatory reports required by Pillar 3 of the Solvency II Directive in XBRL format, while simultaneously managing the filing schedule imposed by the supervisory authority.

The Invoke e-Filing Insurance portal offers a range of functionalities that specifically cater to the needs of the various members of the Solvency II disclosure chain and facilitates the tracking, visualization, control, signature and archiving of all regulatory submissions.

A collaborative web portal for the controlled sharing of information

User-privileges can be fine-tuned within the portal to filter authorizations not only by reporting entity and regulatory report, but also by user-action (read, write, signature, upload, Excel® export)..

The portal serves to centralize the most up-to-date version of the regulatory reports produced, which can then be shared both internally and with third parties.

A straight-forward approach

  1. Activation of the user account
  2. Personalized configuration of the disclosure timetable
  3. Direct input or Excel® population of regulatory reports
  4. Instantanous report validation
  5. Online electronic signature
  6. Download of regulator-ready XBRL instance documents

Permanent access to all regulatory submissions

The Invoke e-Filing Insurance portal stores and archives the full history of all regulatory submissions (successive versions of reports, signatures, filing confirmations, etc.). Every piece of information is tracked, date-stamped and accessible in reader-mode using the online web spreadsheet.

The reports generated online can also be exported as Excel® files, with the format of the regulator-imposed templates being fully respected.

Main Features

  • Collaborative web portal
  • Hosted solution available in SaaS mode
  • Online input via the integrated spreadsheet
  • Excel® import of declarations
  • Last generation validation engine
  • Workflow
  • Full control of the regulatory filing calendar
  • No cost of infrastructure
  • System automatically upgraded each time the regulation changes

The Invoke Added-Value

A working environement that is familiar to business users: a spreadsheet - plain and simple!

Tableur web XBRL InvokeUsing the Invoke XBRL web spreadsheet, end-users can directly input their Solvency II data into the reporting tables imposed by EIOPA and the NSA, and also can consult the XBRL report of their choice in the template format used at the time of submission..

As the portal is end-user oriented, no technical knowledge is required. Once the user’s account is activated, he/she is up-and-running straight away without needing any specific training. With a simple internet browser in secure mode, users can generate all the regulatory reports required for Solvency II conformity.