A solution for every project scenario

Even if some insurance companies have decided to go the route of developing a specific Pillar 3 reporting solution in-house, the vast majority of regulated firms are opting for standard packaged solutions for producing their Solvency II reports:

  • either in full-blown project mode using an automated reporting platform interfaced with upstream systems,
  • or else a lighter, more tactical approach that leverages a bolt-on solution to generate Pillar 3 reports in the format expected by the regulator.

Building on solid industry experience in regulatory XBRL reporting, Invoke has developed a range of Pillar 3 reporting solutions that comprehensively covers all these potential use-cases.

In-house domain expertise, coupled with cutting-edge software which natively incorporates the technical concepts of the XBRL standard (the use of which has been mandated by EIOPA), allows Invoke to offer clients standard solutions that cover both European-level reporting in addition to country-specific requirements.

Focusing on agility in Pillar 3 projects

Sourcing a flexible software solution, capable of seamlessly interfacing with upstream information systems that are in an almost constant state of flux, is one of the key success factors of any Pillar 3 project.

The agile yet robust data integration features of Invoke regulatory reporting tools make the Solvency II range stand out from competing applications, and the capacity of Invoke solutions to go beyond the production of mandatory QRTs and narrative reports in generating personalized internal reports is a substantial value-add.

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Strategic approach:

Automated compliance, centralized steering and internal reporting

Regulatory and internal reporting industrialization plaform: Invoke FAS Regulatory S2

Transform the compliance burden into a genuine lever for progress!

Adopt an integrated solution for automating and steering the reporting and disclosure process, and capitalize on the internal investment made in enriching the regulatory data model with source data, by using it not just for regulatory compliance but also for internal reporting purposes.

Tactical approach:

On-line generation and Excel®-to-XBRL conversion of QRTs

Invoke e-Filing Insurance: an out-of-the-box declarative web portal for on-line generation and Excel®-to-XBRL conversion of QRTs.

Are you looking for a light, turn-key solution for producing your Pillar 3 reports in XBRL?

The missing link in the Pillar 3 reporting chain, e-Filing Insurance accommodates both the conversion of QRTs from Excel® into XBRL as well as the on-line population, real-time validation and generation of Pillar 3 quantitative reports in XBRL format.