A simple, no-nonsense solution for generating regulatory reports online in XBRL format

Invoke e-Filing is a specialized full-web portal that allows end-users to both directly input and import Excel® files for the purposes of generating regulatory reports in XBRL, while simultaneously managing the filing schedule imposed by the relevant supervisory authority.

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  • CRD IV

Thanks to the integrated web spreadsheet, populate your regulatory reporting online, directly in the regulatory templates provided by regulators!!

A straight-forward approach

1. Activation of the user account

2. Personalized configuration of the disclosure time-table

3. Direct input or Excel® import through the online spreadsheet

4. Instantaneous report validation

5. Online electronic signature

6. Download of regulator-ready XBRL instance documents

A collaborative web portal for the controlled sharing of information

More than a simple input portal, Invoke e-Filing for Banks is a powerful collaborative tools that provides a controlled sharing of the regulatory information. It centralizes a constantly up-to-date version of all produced regulatory reports. Users can at all times display the disclosure of their choice,  visualize it in the corresponding regulatory template at the time disclosure and export it as an Excel® spreadsheet.

Guaranteed regulatory maintenance

Each time the regulation changes, the application is automatically upgraded to take into account the latest regulatory templates provided by Invoke's dedicated regulatory monitoring team. These upgrades are invisible to the users who will be provided with an up-to-date working environment, without taking any action, and with no risk of data losses.

Main Features

  • An end-to-end service hosted by Invoke
  • Excel® import into the online spreadsheet application
  • Online direct input in the reporting templates imposed by the supervisory authority
  • Filing-calendar management
  • Visualization of report content by the signatory prior to submission
  • Real time validation of disclosures (integrated XBRL validation engine)
  • Online electronic signature
  • Generation of regulatory reports in regulator-ready XBRL format
  • Storage and archiving of disclosures
  • Live update every time the regulation changes

The Invoke Added-Value

Tableur web xbrl InvokeInput your data with unparalleled ease thanks to the integrated XBRL web spreadsheet!

Using the Invoke XBRL web spreadsheet, end-users can directly input their regulatory data into the reporting tables imposed by National Supervisory Authorities, and also can consult the XBRL report of their choice in the template format used at the time of submission.

As the portal is end-user oriented, no technical knowledge is required. Once the user’s account is activated, he/she is up-and-running straight away without needing any specific training. With a simple internet browser in secure mode, users can generate all “the XBRL reports required for regulatory conformity.

Client References

Bank of New York Mellon, ICBC, AQOBA, FDI LOGBOX...