Centralize, visualize, control, validate, sign, archive...

The complementary solution to regulatory reporting tools, Invoke e-Regulatory Portal performs the centralization of all your regulatory disclosures produced in XBRL format.

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  • CRD IV

The Invoke e-Regulatory portal offers a collaborative platform to centralize all your regulatory disclosures produced in XBRL format.

Because the signatory of the declaration is not always the producer of regulatory disclosures, Invoke e-Regulatory proposes functionalities adapted to each participant of the process.

These include notably tracking, visualization, analysis, control, validation and the signature of regulatory reporting documents before transmission to the comptent supervisory authorities.

Coordinating the management of all your regulatory filings

  • Compatible with all upstream system tools, the Invoke e-Regulatory portal integrates seamlessly in your IT system without any intervention or specific development.
  • The administration back-office allows to easily manage the access to the various features according to user profiles, with fine granularity (for each authorized user action, each table report, each entity, etc.) 
  • All disclosures are centralized, thus facilitating remote sites management.
  • The filing calendar dashboard feature provides an overview of the filing process progress by type of reporting and by entity, thus allowing to meet regulatory deadlines.

Increase the reliability of your transmission procedures

  • Simple and effective data collection: filers post their reports (FINREP, COREP, ...) directly on the portal.
  • Instantaneous consultation of all disclosures in the form of tables, in the templates provided by the regulators.
  • Exhaustive controls: real-time validation covering both business rules checks and XBRL technical validations
  • Immediate error detection : identification of errors by directly pointing to the cells concerned.
  • Ongoing regulatory and technology watch

Get the full benefits of your unified XBRL system

  • Organized structure of your multiple XBRL flows for optimal management.
  • Archiving solution: maintaining copies of past filings (versioning of disclosures, regulatory frameworks - taxonomies and corresponding rendering templates)
  • Analytical capability multi-criteria consultation/ queries (entities, periods, type of reporting...)

Meet Invoke Analzyer!

A cutting-edge tool that leverages big data technology and Invoke’s next-generation native XBRL and XML innovations for the most advanced capabilities that let you analyse data like never before.

Designed to satisfy the most exacting analytical requirements, Invoke Analyzer is a powerful tool for both regulated entities and supervisory authorities, and requires no hard-coding or specific maintenance!

Seamlessly integrated into our e-Regulatory solution, the Invoke Analyzer lets users collate mass volumes of data in multiple formats, and centralise it into a state-of-the-art NoSQL storage system to perform deep-dive analyses.

Generate cross-period, cross-entity and cross-framework reports in one place, alongside KPIs, charts and graphs, all in full-web. Once your analysis is complete, the results can be exported to Excel or PDF.

The Analyzer also comes with the Invoke Validator engine alongside, for instant, reliable data validation for XBRL, XML and customised formats.

Main Features

  • Centralisation of all regulatory XBRL flows
  • Workflow and fine-tuning of user priviledges
  • Filing calendar management feature
  • Integrated XBRL web spreadsheet application
  • Last generation validation engine
  • Solution compatible with the various electronic signature tools of the market
  • Archiving and historisation of reports
  • Versioning of disclosures, taxonomies and regulatory rendering templates

The Invoke Added-Value

The Invoke e-Regulatory portal includes the Invoke XBRL web spreadsheet application

Tableur Invoke Invoke has developed an XBRL spreadsheet to facilitate user access to information saved in this standard format.

Thanks to this revolutionary web component, e-Regulatory users can "render" XBRL disclosures in the form of table reports, in the templates provided by regulators.

The validation engine can also be launched directly from this spreadsheet application, thus allowing to hightlight errors directly by point to the corresponding cells, in real time,

This spreadsheet application also allows to trigger the validation of the reports online and in real time. The cells contributing to the error detected are highlighted in the spreadsheet, and the corresponding anomaly report is displayed.

Client References

Crédit Agricole, BPCE, ...