Industrialize your statutory reporting to the banking regulator

COREP CRD IV, FINREP... Invoke packaged software solutions allow you to take care of your mandatory reporting requirements with total ease.

Robust technology is at the heart of the successful transition to XBRL in European supervisory reporting, but people are key in bringing the overall project to fruition at regulated firms.

Invoke XBRL solutions for COREP and FINREP have been designed by pragmatic engineers that always position end-user requirements and usability at the very top of the development check-list.

The resulting technology is cutting-edge, bringing the best of the XBRL standard to the finger-tips of end-users at client firms, while masking the underlying technical complexity so that business-users can focus on the content and quality of their COREP and FINREP reports.

Invoke understands that COREP and FINREP reporting in XBRL does not exist in a vacuum and that it must integrate seamlessly with legacy infrastructure and work-flow processes.

A primary characteristic of all Invoke solutions is that they are generic and taxonomy-driven, making them inherently agile and flexible; no hard-coding or specific development is required to implement scalable XBRL reporting platforms for COREP and FINREP.

Trusted XBRL expertise servicing successful COREP and FINREP implementations

Invoke is a premier provider of cutting-edge regulatory reporting solutions for COREP and FINREP, and one of a very small number of technology companies worldwide that have bona fides expertise and experience in XBRL.

It is no accident that Invoke is the trusted XBRL solution provider to major supervisors such as the European Banking Authority (EBA), Banque de France-ACP and the Deutsche Bundesbank, as well as international groups in the banking and insurance sectors such as Crédit Agricole, Danske Bank, CNP Assurances, Groupama and Danica Pension.

Regulatory and internal reporting automation

Strategic regulatory and internal reporting platform: Invoke FAS Regulatory

A global solution for your regulatory reporting needs

More than a simple regulatory reporting tool, FAS Regulatory lets you design your own statements and enrich your analysis by the introduction of additional input.

Online input and Excel® import of regulatory report tables

Invoke eFiling for Banks: a light, no-nonsense portal solution, ideal for banks required to report under CRD IV

All that is required to generate regulator-ready COREP and FINREP reports on-line is a simple internet browser!

Archiving and disclosure management portal

Collaborative disclosure management web portal: Invoke e-Regulatory

The perfect addition to make any reporting platform complete, the Invoke e-Regulatory web-portal allows users to steer and control the reporting process by centralizing and archiving all XBRL regulatory reports in a user-friendly portal environment.