13 Nov 2018

The Central Bank of Ireland decided to add changes into the Solvency II National Specific Templates (NSTs). The taxonomy version 130 will be effective from Q4 2018. 

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The Central Bank of Ireland has released the new XBRL* taxonomy version 130. Within the new taxonomy there have been changes to the NST’s (National Specific Templates) as well as an increase in the number of validation rules being monitored by the CBI. This is to be applicable from Q4 2018. As stated on the CBI website: “The only acceptable format for submission of National Specific Templates (NSTs) will be XBRL.”  

Changes which have been made include (non-exhaustive list): 

  • Addition of a new NST report: NST14 - “Non-Life business – policy and customer information”
  • NST12: New table for “Valuation Method Statement”
  • Validations: 27 new business validations as well as some planned fixes

Next steps:

  • CBI Communication regarding the collection date of NST14
  • 1st submission with new taxonomy – Q4 2018 Submission Closing Date

 *XBRL: eXtensible Business Reporting Language