Invoke has offered robust and mature solutions for regulatory reporting that are trusted by major banks and insurance companies since 2009.

Invoke develops specialized software for managing financial, tax and regulatory information.

From the outset, Invoke has been committed to remaining one step ahead of the competition, and the company owes its success in no small part to the fact that it keeps a tight watch on both domestic and international developments, be they technological or regulatory.

The company’s clearly communicated ambition is to remain a premier provider of pioneering regulatory and financial software solutions with a view to standardizing and streamlining the business information supply chain, allowing real-time exchange and analysis of financial data.

Committed to delivering sustainable value to customers, Invoke continues to enhance the alignment of its reporting solutions with the emerging regulatory use-cases presented by paradigm shifts such as Solvency II, Basel III, FATCA, AEoI/CRS, AnaCredit ...

A worldwide recognized expertise in prudential reporting

Invoke is largely recognized both within Europe and further afield for its well-established experience in the field of prudential reporting in the banking and insurance sectors, having received industry-endorsement from prestigious institutions such as Crédit Agricole, BPCE, CNP Assurances or Danica Pension.

Securely implanted in the domestic French market, Invoke is no stranger to cross-border collaboration and is currently a key actor in a number of large-scale transnational projects accross more than 30 countries, as well as others that optimize both internal reporting and prudential reporting for national banking sector regulators.

Invoke is also actively involved in several international regulatory projects involving Central Banks and Business Registers (European Banking Authority, Bank Of Israel, ACPR Banque de France, ...).


What makes us different?

XBRL DNA Next-generation, native XBRL and XML technology Regulatory watch Close day-to-day collaboration with regulatory bodies
Subject Matter Experts Second-to-none, internal subject matter expert teams Regulatory watch Enduring commitment to furthering new standards